Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I have chosen to revise our Project 3 Final drafts.

Literature today is shifting to a whole new world of technology. Literature pieces are being found in the electronic form more abundantly than ever before. This shift to electronic literature has a negative impact on the ways of the reader. Conventional literature has the ability to immerse readers, and convey the emotions and beliefs of the author. I have decided to choose Nicholas Carr as a writing mentor of mine. His works in revision have centralized on the idea of expansion. Using Carr’s revision techniques I believe that I can further expand on a few key elements for my argument. This expansion will strengthen my argument and allow readers to connect to my argument. One key element that I could strengthen, is using specific examples for Luminous Airplane. In revising my Project 3, I have hopes that readers will take the message from my writing. I want readers to understand that conventional literature is in fact important.

To help accomplish this, I will be expanding on my argument even more, to provide specific evidence to allow the reader to understand the argument present. I will also be expanding on the counterargument, adding an element of another comparison between paper and electronic literature.

Using Carr to guide me through my final revision project will allow me to better myself as a writer. He uses a lot of evidence in his writing, which is strong for his argument AND counterargument. Carr believe revision is a chance to expand. Applying my writing mentor’s mindset, the question to be answered is: Where can I expand on this?


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